Our day trip at the farm

carte ferme

Cows in the cowshed
The european class went to La Riglanne farm , on friday november the 8th .
We left school at 9h15 am and we arrived at the farm at 10h20. Our class started with the farmer Christian to see the milking  of cows and we saw also the calves. After with Mme Ernoul we tried to find small insects and bugs.Then we made a cheese with Gilles. After we  went to the pigsty to feed the pigs with the whey . Then we ate our picnic in the barn.

We went to the pigsty to feed pigs with whey, they loved this. the whey is the liquid that you take away from the milk. The pigs were very exited and very cute.

In  the afternoon, we wore overalls. It was really funny ! We made the butter .  First ,we washed our feet and we followed Gilles in the dairy .We put the cream in the churn and after the churn turned very fast and then the milk became whey and butter.

Then, in small groups of nine pupils, we went with Christian. We were talking about nature .The bees must be protected . After the pupils went to see the bull and pupils took lots of pictures . Then we met Gabriella and we spoke of organic farm, and how it works. We learnt that in an organic farm there are less buildings .
We  went back to our school at 17h 20 and at the end everyone had an organic cheese. All the pupils spent a very nice day in farm.