Organic agriculture and Sustainable Development

Sustainable Agriculture

*Environment : It's the protection of the environment.

* Economy : This is to employ people, so they have work and are not unemloyed, and to produce of goods...

* Society : It's the development of the cities, houses, roads, schools, services …Creation of jobs and development of people's welfare.

*Organic Agriculture protects the Environment because they use Natural fertilazers like compost or manure. They don't use chemical fertilizers so they preserve insects, wildlife like birds, worms : The Biodiversity. And they use no peticides.

*Organic Agriculture helps the Economy because they employ people create entreprises ( farms),
They need more people because they don't work with big machines.

*Organic Agriculture helps Society because they sell healthy products, they protect the environment, they are keen on their work and they communicate on the fact that people should consume differently, change their habits.