How does an Organic Farm work?

the activity of an organic dairy farm

Premises of the farm:
In the farm of Riglanne there are
  • a cowshed ,
  • a pigsty ,
  • a hay loft for the animal's food ,
  • a dairy to make cheese and butter to sell in local markets.
Activities in an organic farm
  • The farmers cultivate some cereales and pumpkins, to feed the cows.
  • The farmers produce butter, cheese and meat thanks to the animals.
  • The farmer take care of animals because the cows stay as much as possible in the permanente pasture were they eat grass and in winter the cows stay in the cowshed where they eat pumkins and hay.  They try to protect the cows not  to hurt them during the milking.  Because otherwise the milk is not not good and the cheese is not good  either . The pigs eat all the leftovers from the cheese making (whey), so that there is no pollution and no waste.

It's an organic farm because they produce our food and without chemical fertilizer nor pesticide.