Cheese making process

Group 1    /    Group 2

Group 1
1- We milked the cow to take the milk, it's a great fun to milk cows.
The farmers milk the cows with a machine and we milked with our hands.
2-We took the cream from the milk and with the cream we made butter.
It's very funny. The butter splipped in our hands.
3-We added the rennet (ferment), we heated the milk at 30°C to separate the whey and the curd.
With the whey the farmers feed the pigs.

4-We salted the cheese and we left it to rest for a day or two. This is the time for "curing" the cheese.
5- After a few days, they get the cheese called "Saint Marcelin" and they sell their cheese in a market. fyutyj
We loved this activity and at the end of the day we had a cheese. It was delicious.

Group 2

- The First step is the milking of the cow :
It's funny and the udder is hot and there is a little muscle which helps the milk to come out but we were not fast enough.This is why the farmer uses machines.
- The Second step is the removing of the cream : with the cream we made the butter. We put the cream on a really big machine for the making of the butter.  
- The Third step is the cooking of the cheese : the milk is kept in a warm place to help the fermentation. In this step, you will get the curd and the whey
- The Fourth step is the pressing of the cheese : After the milk reaches the desired thickness. It begin to firm up and are cut really small into curd. Sometimes, you can cook the curd. But for our cheese, we didn't cook it. We just left it for a day in small pots.
- Fifth steps is the curing of the cheese :
for some cheese we need to cook them but not the one that we made. We only salted the cheese
- Sixth steps is the testing the cheese